THANK YOU! By pressing the “Donate” tab, you have taken a step that shows that you just may be considering supporting us financially and we want to first, sincerely THANK YOU! Without supporters like you, it would be very challenging to continue serving refugees in our community in the ways that we do. Your help is truly needed and your generosity is very much appreciated. Again, we THANK YOU!!

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Many people have kindly provide us with things (clothes, toiletries, kitchen items, toys, educational supplies, etc.). We have even had so many who have stepped up to help us by volunteering their time. We do very much need things and dedicated volunteers! But, please know that, like all non-profits, Asha’s Refuge depends on financial Giving to help with its organizational cost. Without the continued support from our community we would not be able to actively assist vulnerable refugees in achieving successful resettlement. Without your support, we will not be able to continue moving forward with our long-term plans that involve big dreams to make the refugee resettlement processes a lot smoother in our city. So what I’m saying is, we desperately need committed monthly financial donors as well as one time financial Giving. No amount is too small! We trust that God will bless every generous giver and make every faithful penny given multiply. If you are considering monthly support, we ask that you please pray about it and then let us know.
Future Vision Needs

Future Vision Needs

• One 12 to 15 passenger van
• Building for the Place of Hope (The name “Asha” means “Place of Hope”) that will include offices, classrooms; storage space for food pantry, toiletry collections, soaps and other supplies; art room with supplies. Asha's Refuge is blessed to have a church shared space but the future vision will include a building space of our own.
• Urban Gardens
• Small Restaurant On-site/Cafeteria “Taste of the Nations” –Refugees will learn the restaurant business and enjoy cooking their favorite foods from their country; diners will pay by donation only, menu has no set prices
• Job Skills Facilities – Around Campus there will be rooms set up to train refugees preparing them as they move forward on their own (Example: FedEx Box Moving; Hilton Hotels mock Suite to train refugees how to clean a room; Kroger to train how to stock shelves; Microbusinesses – Sewing, Jewelry Making and Other Crafts Etc.)
• Outdoor Workshop for Men to learn how to take care and do basic repairs on an automobile, lawn mower and other small engines
• Outdoor Workshop for Men to learn carpentry and some building and construction skills
• Counseling Room – a safe place to counsel victims of terror, war and other types of persecution
• College Like Dorm Rooms/Living Space for Students going through the program
Food, Clothing & Toiletry Needs

Food, Clothing & Toiletry Needs

Money and food stamps start to run short at the end of the month. We can help fill this gap with some staple food items, and toiletries that can’t be purchased with food stamps.

Here are some helpful items we like to keep on hand and ready to give when the need arises -
dry rice, dry beans, pasta, canned goods and other non-perishables. Also shampoos, conditioners, lotions, deodorants, soap, maxi pads and toothpaste.

We need volunteers to help collect, sort and deliver these items on a regular basis.

Clothing special note
We do not run a clothing closet. We only take in clothing as needed for specific sizes, although we do like to have some warm coats on hand during the winter months. Follow us on Facebook to know what our current needs are.
Cleaning & Household Needs

Cleaning & Household Needs

You or your group could put together “Hope Kits” for us to have on hand for our clients families new to town, or emergency situations. These are specific item bins we can just grab and deliver quickly, knowing what is in them.
Here are links to different kits: Bathroom Hope Kit
Cleaning Hope Kit
Cooking Hope Kit
Dining Hope Kit
Food Prep Hope Kit
Laundry Hope Kit

We also like to keep some other supplies on hand to give out as needed: liquid laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, brooms, mops etc.

Volunteers are needed to help collect, sort, and deliver items on a regular basis. Occasional help moving clients to new apartments or homes, or picking up and delivering large items such as bedding, sofas, or tables. Strong help and a truck or trailer is helpful. Email and ask to be added to our “Movers” list. Teaching the families how to use the cleaning items is sometimes needed as well, especially with chemicals such as bleach and not mixing it with other cleaning products or putting on colored clothing.
Baby/New Mother Needs

Baby/New Mother Needs

We have mothers welcoming new babies all the time!

Infant carrier style car seats are needed for the mom and baby to be released from the hospital (this is a good group give). We also like to give the mother a loaded diaper bag with all the necessaries, here’s a link to that list: Sanitary Pads are another helpful item for the mom.

Volunteers are needed to mentor pregnant clients, this can include picking up the mom and taking to doctors appointments, and teaching them about prenatal care, infant care, how to use and dispose of diapers, etc.
Back To School Backpack Project

Back To School Backpack Project

In July we start getting ready for our Backpack Project. We collect over 100 backpacks loaded with school supplies to give to all our clients children. Let us know if your group, church, or organization would like to do a backpack drive.

General school supplies needed:
• 2 strap backpack
• Wide rule paper
• Spiral or composition notebooks
• 3 ring binder
• 24 pack Crayola crayons
• #2 pencils
• Personal pencil sharpener
• Black and Red pens
• Highlighters
• Glue sticks
• Scissors
• 2 pocket folders with brads
• Erasers
• Crayola markers
• Pencil pouch
• Colored pencils

Leftovers are kept on hand for newcomers throughout the year, and to supply students in our Language and Life Skills classes. City school uniform clothing is great as well, all sizes/genders, khaki pants, white polos. We can collect these new or used and in good condition all summer and give away with the backpacks. We can’t guarantee all will get uniforms, but some can help.

Serve This is a great group project to help with at the end of July/beginning of August to collect, sort, and distribute the back packs. Email us for dates, or follow us on Facebook for the date to come up.
Other Needs


We are collecting warm coats. We are accepting all sizes of coats for women, men, children and teens. Please donate items that are in good condition: no items with broken zippers, holes, stains, smoke or pet hair. We would appreciate it if you could be sure to clean the used coats before sending them. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t give this item as a gift to a family member then we don’t want to offer it to a refugee in need. Give as though you were giving to Jesus, because you are!


New refugees enter into the Memphis area in hopes of successfully resettling their family. Most refugees experience a lot of mixed feelings. They are usually excited about starting their new life in America, but they may also very much miss their home country. We’d like to give our new friends a nice welcome by filling a basket with some of the items that they might enjoy.


Some of our refugee friends are expectant mothers! We want to encourage them and give them a little help by providing a sweet gift.

What to do - Purchase a large diaper bag and fill it with diapers and wipes! In one of the pockets of t he bag add a Kroger/Aldi gift card and an encouraging note. Feel free to fill the other small pockets with things like baby finger nail clippers, small infant toys, onsies, baby socks, etc. Please open diaper packages and stuff diapers in the bag. We appreciate your generosity, but please do not over fill the bag. We would like for the bag to close. (Please no Target or Walmart Gift Cards as our friends do not live near and are not familiar with these stores.)


(This need is currently being fulfilled, but if you have an idea to help our volunteering small group or us to better collect any of the following please let us know.) Food stamps does not pay for toiletry items, cleaning supplies or paper products. The following items are things we want to collect and put into a large plastic bin to deliver to our families in need.

- Various health and hygiene products such as bath soap, deodorant, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, razors, combs, brushes, toothpaste and toothbrushes. - Cleaning supplies: dish soap, laundry detergent, pine sol, toilet scrubbies, cleaning clothes, paper towels. - Household items such as pots and pans, towels, dishes and toilet paper. - Kroger or Aldi Gift Cards; from time to time food stamps assistance does not kick in, the funds lag, they run out or there is a temporary problem with the approval. Occasionally, our refugee friends may need a little financial assistance with their food purchase. Gift certificates from Kroger or Aldi in the amounts of $25 or $50 increments are greatly appreciated.

We are asking for your help in packing the bins complete with a mix of all of the toiletry items needed. We would greatly appreciate it if we are able to close the lid on the bin as we are carrying the items in and out of our cars and up and down the stairs. We are also trying NOT to overwhelm our refugee friends with stuff.