Our Mission & Vision

Inspired by the love of Christ, Asha’s Refuge exists to assist the most disadvantaged refugees in achieving a successful resettlement in the Memphis, TN area.
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We hope to accomplish our mission by being a consistent, encouraging presence among disadvantaged Memphis area refugees through a broad range of ongoing advocacy activities designed to address the specific needs of this group.

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By providing free ongoing educational support, collaborating with other community agencies or organizations who assist this population, and by helping challenged individuals and families identify and access all available resources, Asha’s Refuge will work in every way to act on behalf of the refugees we seek to assist.


Asha’s Refuge offers support and defends the rights of local underprivileged refugees through community and client education thereby reducing any overall negative impact on the unprepared local government, city, business, school and/or neighborhood dealing with an influx of culturally diverse group of people. Asha’s Refuge will have a culturally sensitive urban basic educational system complete with student housing that offers disadvantaged adult clients American life, language and job skills needed for their successful resettlement in America. We believe all people should be given the opportunity to be encouraged and educated which therefore builds character, self-esteem, allows for job success, helps to reduce crime, keeps individuals self-sufficient (not dependent upon government well-fare assistance programs) and overall offers hope to families which will lead generations forward on a victorious path of success. We provide instruction in a caring, safe and healthy learning environment, responsive to each student, in collaboration with families and the community. Our clients are taught to embrace diversity, act responsibly and contribute to their community.