Teaching Classes

American Life and Language Classes
Come and assist our Teaching Staff with teaching practical written and spoken English skills to refugees. For more information
Kindergarten Readiness Classes
Join us with teaching our preschoolers who are in need of basic vocabulary and life skills. For more information
Computer Classes
We are looking to begin holding a basic computer class in the future. If you have any suggestions or resources to donate please contact us. For more information
Refugee women with Asha's Refuge Volunteer Refugee children coloring Volunteer with refugee woman Volunteer with refugee women
Every Thursday from 10am to 12:30pm Asha’s Refuge and its volunteers gather together at Highland Heights Baptist Church in the Binghampton area to tutor refugees. We also work with their preschoolers to help get them better prepared for Kindergarten.

Meet us prepared to assist with teaching adult refugees conversational and written English. Many of our refugee friends have never been educated and are still learning to write their name while others are ready for basic grammar. You can also serve our preschoolers. You do not have to plan to teach a class or anything because all of that will be done by our Volunteer Teaching Staff. With the preschoolers, our teachers just need your help loving on and corralling them.