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Family Services

Family Services

• Applying for benefits programs such as health insurance
• Well baby care
• Food help
• Counseling
• College
• Getting registered for school
• Making doctors appointments
• Going to court
• Translation
• Transportation services
Immigration Services

Immigration Services

The Immigration Services Dept. works with Dr. Weems (our Volunteer Medical Civil Surgeon - needs to be his title on the website) and a team of attorney's at Community Legal Center to help clients through the challenging legal paperwork to update their documents.
Drivers Education

Drivers Education

Drivers Education is another piece of what we can help our clients go through the process of doing. We work in partnership with Maxwell Driving school do accomplish this, but our volunteers have to be very involved with clients one on one to make this happen too. (Getting them to the classes, raising funds for the course, studying the handbook before they take the permit test, teaching extra classes, taking them to take the test and helping them to complete paperwork at DMV, etc.) This course includes what Maxwell offers:
34 hours of classroom instruction
2 hours of simulator instruction
4 hours of in car driving instruction


• Adult American Life and Language (ALL) tutors (current class is Thursday and Friday mornings from 9am to 12:30; we need to add multiple days of classes during the week from 9am to 12:30)

• Preschool/Kindergarten Readiness Teachers for American Life and Language (ALL) Class for children 3-5 years old (current class is Thursday mornings from 9am to 12:30; we need to add multiple days of classes during the week from 9am to 12:30)

• Drivers to take adults and preschoolers to and from weekday classes from 9am to 12:30

• Drivers willing to build relationships and take clients to run errands (grocery store, doctor’s office, pharmacy, etc.)

• Adopt Refugee Families (good for small groups)

• In Kind Donation Collecting/Sorting and Distributing (clothes/toiletries/household items/cleaning supplies/furniture)

• Project Coordinators – (Example: Helping to Collect Backpacks/School Supplies the end of July; Coordinating learning and fun trips to the zoo/job fairs/museum)

• Office/Secretary Help

• Fundraising and Raising Awareness

• Welcome New Baby/Mentor Mothers with processes of having a baby and providing for new baby in America (Connect clients to the Morning Center)

• Be a friend to the elderly (men and women)

• Mentor Young Adults (we have a large group of clients who are 18-25 who need mentoring and a friend to walk with them as they settle in to our city)

• Job Skills Trainers (work with clients to teach them a job skill – cleaning, landscaping, basic computer skills, sewing; headship micro businesses etc.; complete online job applications; coach and prepare clients for a job interview)

• Community Helpers (Are you a nurse, dentist, police officer, fire fighter, etc. that could teach our clients things like healthyhabits and safety?)

• Career Advocate (connect, train and prepare local businesses who may be interested in hiring our clients)

• Grant Write for Us

• Writers (connect to our clients and help us share their stories to better understand their skills and hobbies and meet their needs)

• Media/Photographer (help us capture each client with a photograph working with our writers to help share client stories to help us better meet needs; photograph volunteer opportunities to share with others our need for volunteer help; work with us to keep our online presence current)

• GED and College Registration Help for Clients (Help transport and enroll students into Messick where they can obtain their GED or help them through the admissions and testing processes at one of our local
Teach Classes
Asha's Refuge volunteers helping to teach an English class

American Life and Language Classes

Come and assit our Teaching Staff with teaching practical written and spoken English skills to refugees.

Kindergarten Readiness Classes

Join us with teaching our preschoolers who are in need of basic vocabulary and life skills.

Computer Classes

We are looking to begin holding a basic computer class in the future. If you have any suggestions or resources to donate please contact us.

Refugee learning from volunteer to write in English Asha's Refuge volunteer teaching an English class to Refugees

Every Thursday from 10am to 12:30pm Asha’s Refuge and its volunteers gather together at Highland Heights Baptist Church in the Binghampton area to tutor refugees. We also work with their preschoolers to help get them better prepared for Kindergarten.

Meet us prepared to assist with teaching adult refugees conversational and written English. Many of our refugee friends have never been educated and are still learning to write their name while others are ready for basic grammar. You can also serve our preschoolers. You do not have to plan to teach a class or anything because all of that will be done by our Volunteer Teaching Staff. With the preschoolers, our teachers just need your help loving on and corralling them.
Be A Driver

Be A Driver

We pick up at a few different apartment sites. We need multiple vehicles picking up students around the Binghampton area and possibly other locations in the near future to bring them all to class (currently 5 minutes away) by 9:30am when class begins; Since we do not have a large enough bus/van – we appreciate 7 passenger minivans with drivers willing to help us transport students to and from class.
Men Helping Men

Men Helping Men

There are many refugee men who would love to have an encouraging American friend. Some of the men are single while some are married with many children. Most are struggling to find jobs and provide for themselves or their families. There are refugee men in need of help of all ages (18 – 70+). Many men are lonely.

Refugee men fishing Refugee men fishing

Here’s how you can help - Volunteer your time . We will provide you with some training and then take you to meet some of the refugee men that we know. You will walk along side of your new friend and encourage them as they try to resettle here in the Memphis area. Sometimes that means you will sit with them and sip on coffee, while other times it could mean you help them learn a new job skill. Most refugee men need job training in order to obtain a job that will help them provide for themselves and/or their family. There are young men that need mentoring. Maybe you can help them apply for or find a job. Many refugee men want to learn computer skills. We’ve even had a request for someone to take their husband fishing. Your friendship and encouragement to the men in the refugee community is priceless and much-needed.
Become An Advocate
Refugee women with Asha's Refuge volunteer Refugees boarding a van Refugees boarding a van

Become an Advocate

Refugees and refugee families have many needs that you or your small group may be able to assist with. Most of the time, their needs are complicated and beyond our ability to provide. While other times, the needs are simple and easy for us to help with. Asha’s Refuge works to mentor and educate refugees to help themselves so that they do not become dependent on any person or group of people.

Asha’s Refuge does not wish to fill the apartments of our friends with stuff but rather fill their hearts with our sincere care and Christ-like love. To avoid providing services that overlap, Asha’s Refuge works with a team of other refugee organizations in the Memphis area. There are several refugees that would benefit by having a dedicated advocate.

Refugee with Asha's Refuge volunteer Refugee with Asha's Refuge volunteer Refugee with Asha's Refuge volunteer

How you can help – Go through training with your small group. Commit to become a long time friend and mentor to a refugee family. To name just a few things, your small group can provide transportation to various places like the doctor, grocery store, drivers license center or help them fill out an application, help them better understand their bills, teach them the bus system, mentor a teenager, enroll them in school or offer tutoring.


Asha’s Refuge serves and speaks up for the persecuted throughout the world seeking first to assist refugees, asylees, and other lawfully present individuals in our own community, all inspired by the love of Jesus. The organization depends greatly on community support and on one time or monthly financial Giving for its success. Asha’s Refuge has big dreams and a wide vision to help our clients. Fundraising is imperative, and we need your help. If you are interested in fundraising or would like to assist us with our future fundraising efforts please let us know. You could help organize a fundraiser with your school, church, or community organization, or volunteer with us at one of our fundraising events! Any amount of help you can offer is needed and greatly appreciated, and we welcome your suggestions and ideas. If you would like more information about setting up a fundraising campaign or how your organization can give to Asha’s Refuge, please contact Fundraising Development Coordinator Chris Weiner .
Special Projects

Special Projects

Thank you for your interest in serving refugees through Asha’s Refuge. We appreciate your considering this organization to volunteer your time. We know that your time is valuable and we want you to always know that we are so very thankful for you. We believe that whatever your heart in action does to serve the least of the least of these you have done unto the Lord and that you will be blessed abundantly in return!

Refugees recieving Christmas gift Asha's Refuge volunteer organizing socks Asha's Refuge volunteer doing a face painting for a refugee child

The organization of Asha’s Refuge depends on community and volunteer support in order to be successful. There are many ways in which your volunteerism can help us to better serve those in need. Our site lists several ways that we currently need help. We encourage you to get your small group involved. Please complete our Volunteer Application found on this sight to let us know you are interested in helping.

Types of Projects

• Welcome a newborn
• Welcome a new family
• Take a man fishing
• Henna parties

As a small group help with

• Movie night
• Field trips
• Pack a household/toiletry bin
• Help with Giving (clothes, toys, food, etc.)